Launching of Basic Ads Light Versions


Launching of Basic Ads Light Versions

As many of you wanted a light version with only one specific ad provider we released provider assets. They are also upgradable to the all in one version with a discount! Each sub asset has the same funtionality as the all in one asset.

Basic ads is an easy and simple integration of all major advertisment providers now for each provider with a spererate asset for Chartboost, admob and unity ads for unity.

Simply follow the instructions and install the required SDK’s for the provider you want use in your app or game, add your advertisment types of preference (banner,intersitials or rewarded video ads) and monetize your app in a simple way.

An user interface allows you to combine different AD types without the need for any coding and in an intuitive way.

Supported AD Types :

  • Interstitials
  • Rewarded videos
  • Banner ADs (dependent on the provider)

Summarizing the asset reduces your development time and gives you an easy way to monetize your games without the need to write the same code for each game you create.


  • No coding needed
  • Choose occurence scene and occurence rate
  • Dummy AD’s shows you the AD in editor mode
  • IAP to disable the AD’s
  • Easy and simple implementation of requests

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