Launching Basic Ads all in one


Launching Basic Ads all in one

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As a mobile game developer you want to monetize each of your game in an easy and simple way. Therefore we decided to bring you an intuitive and super easy to use asset to help you and reduce your development time. Integrating the three major AD providers Chartboost, admob or unity ADS just got a whole lot quicker! Thanks to BASIC ADS!

The Asset is available right now on the Unity Asset Store with a great discount, so be sure to go get it quick!

As the intention of the asset is to help you out to reduce time and effort for you mobile game development we plan our updates based on your feedback so drop us a mail or leave a comment so we can change the asset according your preferences!

So what is it all about?  Basic ads is an easy and simple integration of all major advertisment providers (Chartboost, admob and unity ads) for unity.

Simply follow the instructions and install the required SDK’s for the provider you want use in your app or game, add your advertisment types of preference (banner,intersitials or rewarded video ads) and monetize your app in a simple way.

The asset supports all major advertisement providers :

  • Google Mobile Ads
  • Chartboost Ads SDK
  • unity Ads SDK
  • more coming soon

An user interface allows you to combine different AD types without the need for any coding and in an intuitive way.

Supported AD Types :

  • Interstitials
  • Rewarded videos
  • Banner ADs (dependent on the provider)

Summarizing the asset reduces your development time and gives you an easy way to monetize your games without the need to write the same code for each game you create.


  • No coding needed
  • Choose occurence scene and occurence rate
  • Dummy AD’s shows you the AD in editor mode
  • IAP to disable the AD’s
  • Easy and simple implementation of requests

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